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Update on our New Puppy, Clementine

Hello fellow furryfriends, I wanted to give you all a quick update on how our the new puppy, Clementine is doing. She’ll be 8 weeks this coming Sunday, and her first few days here have been awesome. Her potty training is going really well, since I’m home I can take her out every hour so we have far viewer accidents than I was expecting. Keeping her water bowl put away about an hour and a half before bed has made a big different, although I’m still getting her out about twice a night to potty. Usually around 11pm and 3am.


Her kennel training is not going as smoothly as her potty training. The first night we brought her home she slept through the night without waking up or whining. I think that was just exhaustion from the big drive, because the next night she woke up every hour and whined. The next night it was more like every two hours, and last night it was only every few hours. It seems like she’s getting use to her sleeping arrangements, although she still isnt very thrilled. One thing I’ve found that has been a tremendous help is puppytv on youtube. When she wakes up, I play that for her until she’s lulled back to sleep.

We suddenly began having some issues with biting about two days ago, which is fairly normal for puppies teething. I started putting her chew treats in the freezer before giving them to her, to try and sooth the pain. Another tip that seems to be working great for her is the spray bottle. When she bites, or chews on shoes, a quick squart of the bottle and she stops immediately. I hope these tips, and update, help you all on your own furradventures.


If you want to keep a closer eye on our little cutie pie, Clementine has her own Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook page. Youtube is coming, friends! I’d love to hear from you all, if you’re potty training or kennel training, how is it going? What tips do you recommend?

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