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What We’ve Learned Training in One Week – Plus 3 Tips

Hello again Furfriend lovers, I’m back to give you an update on her majesty the Duchess Clementines progress with training. She’s somehow decided that our daughter is the Alpha and mostly only does what she says. I’m not sure what to do with that, but there it is. Here’s a few tips for when you train your new puppy.


Tip #1: It’s a big, scary world. When you get your puppy home it’s most likely going to be scared of all the changes. Don’t expect too much from your little one the first couple days. Everything smells new, they’re away from their mom and litter mates for the first time. Wait until they begin exploring your home before you start training.

Tip #2: As with any baby, when teaching you always start with the basics. Everything is going to stem from them being able to give you their attention. Start by rewarding your puppy for responding to their name and coming to you when called. If they don’t do either right away be patient, they’ll figure out what you want them to do. Once they’re able to give you eye contact at the sound of their name, move on to sit and down. There are a ton of videos online teaching owners how to train their puppies, this one worked best for us.


Tip #3: Be Consistent and patient. It’s hard to be patient, or consistent for that matter, when your new puppy has kept you up all night with kennel training, and has chewed your favorite shoes the next day. remember that a puppy is not a toy, or decoration for your house and yard, but a new member of your family. They are a baby, although they grow and learn fast, we need to be patient with them. If you keep your cool, and stay consistent in your training (maybe invest in a squirt bottle for those puppies who really like the chew) you’ll see a change in their behavior soon.

Here’s Clementines training progress. We’ve noticed a huge different in her temperament since we began training her. She’s eager to learn, even if she’s not eating her treats, she takes them and sets them aside to come back for more attention and praise. What are some of the tips you’ve learned from training your pets?

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