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To Crate or Not to Crate

A girl and her best friend

Furfriends I just have to tell you that we’re having major success with crate training. It was ruff (pun intended) the first few nights. Then I watched Zak Georges video on how to crate train and implemented the tips he gave. Now little Clementine loves being in her crate, she even goes in there during the day when she wants to chew her favorite bully stick. After only two days of following Zaks suggestions, Clemie slept through the night without waking up once. Needless to say I ran her outside as fast as I could this morning! As I was reading and watching varies ideas on puppy training, I realized that I’ve never actually crate trained a dog.

We grew up with pets, lots of pets, too many pets if that’s possible. We volunteered at a no-kill animal shelter, which often led to housing those little ones that needed extra care. With all those animals running around our tiny house, there was never a crate in sight. The result was mass chaos, destruction, and often pets getting themselves hurt. That is one of the many reasons why we chose to crate train, there’s too many things that can go wrong when your pup is left unattended at Clementines age. With a 7-year-old for a best friend, this puppy has the hopes and dreams of my pride and joy tied up with her health. So, if it means a few sleepless nights to ensure my daughter won’t have to say an early goodbye to her best friend, that’s what I’ll do.


Another option is a play pin, like these offered by Peacebone. A play pin gives your furbabies mobility, without the opportunity for messes and mishaps.

What do you do though, if crate training is not for you? Or your pet is just not the type to handle being in a crate? Everyone has a different opinion on this, but I would recommend a bathroom for nighttime. Just until the little one is trained not to bite cords they can reach, or choke on toys accidentally left on the floor. This is such a difficult time for your new furbaby, they’re teething and uncomfortable, which usually leads to some piece of furniture being ruined. For me, the crate was the best solution to keeping her majesty safe from the house, and the house safe from her. What do you do, furfriends, to help prevent possible safety hazards?

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