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How I Settled My Puppy Down For Bath

Hey there Furfriends, today I want to give you a few tips on how to make bath time an easier, calmer, experience for your puppy and you! When we first brought Clementine home and gave her a bath she was more than half the weight she is today, so bath-time was frustrating but bearable. Within two weeks it was a two man job as she got bigger, stronger, and more upset by baths. So, I began to research ways to calm her down and make her more comfortable with the bathroom and bathtub. First, I found Zak George’s video below which was tremendously helpful.

There’s a few other tips that I have added to Mr. George’s video. I hope these are helpful! If you have any questions, or advice of your own, please feel free to leave a comment.

Tip #1: Good Girl

Grooming in general is upsetting for puppies, they’re not use to it yet. It can feel a lot like a punishment, rather than a chance to bond with you. Make sure you use a lot of positive affirmations during grooming, let them know they’re a good dog and you’re not upset. If they get too stressed take a break, give them a toy, continue to be positive with them. If you get frustrated with them during grooming of anytime they’ll learn to equate brushes, nail care, and bath time with punishment. That will make the process worse each time.

Tip #2: Nail Care First

Before you start bathtime, make nail care a habit first. Continue with step one, letting them know that you are not trimming their nails because they’ve been bad. Also, ensure that you have a blood clotting agent on hand before you trim nails just in case they jerk or slip and you trim too deep. It’s important to have all the right equipment, correct clippers and filers on hand before you start. That will make the process smoother for you, and your furry family member.

Tip #3: Soothing Music

Not all pets enjoy music, and your puppy might not be like mine. Duchess Clementine is most calm when piano music is playing. She listens to it at night, and during naps, so I started playing it during bath time. I’m hoping this will help her equate bath time with calming moments. So far the music has really helped to keep her from getting too stressed. Give it a try, it might work for you as well. If that’s not enough stress relief they do make vitamins designed to calm your pet down.

Tip #4: Get In Too

Yes, that’s right, slip on some shorts and swing your legs into that tub. When your puppy has a place to lay her head where the water won’t go, they’ll calm down faster. I would only recommend this is your puppy really hates baths, as a last result.

Tip #5: Right Stuff

Make sure you have the right types of shampoos, conditioners, and grooming equipment for your pup. Clementine is a GoldenDoodle so her fur needs a specific type of brush to ensure matting does not occur. If you have a furry friend with a white coat, or a curly coat, even perhaps itchy skin, there’s shampoo for them. There are brushes for each of the types of coats, and this is for good reason. Different breeds come with different coats and skin issues. Be sure to research yours and find the best way to keep them healthy.

Bonus Tip: Pay The Man

If all else fails, pay someone to groom your pet. Grooming is imperative to ensure your pets skin is healthy. If you’re unable for any reason to keep up with grooming, find a good groomer near you that can do this for you. The cost is nothing compared to watching your beloved pet suffer, not to mention vet bills from skin issues!

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1 thought on “How I Settled My Puppy Down For Bath

  1. Charlie actually likes a bath and often needs one after a hike. For a while he used to run up and jump in the tub whether he needed one or not.
    Combing and using clippers are the areas he’s not as good about. For combing, music definitely helps and for grooming, he needs to go to a professional.

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