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Pet Allergies and a Royal Introduction

Yesterday we made a very long drive, roughly five hours there and back, to bring home a new furry family member, her Majesty, The Duchess, Clementine.


Clementine, an F1 GoldenDoodle, is 7 weeks old today. As a mix between a Poodle dad, and a Golden Retriever mom, The Duchess is hyperallergenic. About a year ago we surprised our then 6-year-old daughter with a new puppy. We were told she was a Pomeranian, however from the moment we saw her we could tell she wasnt the puppy in the pictures we had seen online. She was a small puppy, and a cutie to boot, but she wasnt hyperallergenic. Unfortunately Kayliegh, our daughter, and my husband ended up being highly allergic to her, having rashes and asthma attacks almost immediatly after we left with her. Kayliegh fell in love with her the moment she saw her, and at the time we had no idea there would be any allergies. We named her Ginger and brought her home, realizing after a couple days that there was no way we could keep her. Heartbroken, we found her a good home and said goodbye. I had never seen Kayliegh so sad, and never wanted to see her that upset again.


Enter Her Majesty, The Duchess Clementine. Isn’t it wonderful that there are hyperallergenic puppies? I really want this first post here at HerefordDoodles to underline why we went with a Doodle, and to warn parents before they bring home their little ones a new bestfriend. While researching which puppy to get I saw a Doodle for sale that had been returned after her first owners reacted to the sweet pups spit. Allergies are usually mild, but for some it’s not. The most common symptoms that you, or your little ones, are allergic to your pup are coughing, itchy eyes and nose plus sneezing. The more severe cases, like in our home, involve hives and asthma attacks. According to WebMD experts no longer think these reactions occur due to the breed of dog or length of hair, but rather how much dander each individual dog has. If you’re family suffers from mild allergies simple OTC antihistamines will help. You can also have tests done by doctors before considering pets, however those can be inconclusive. If you’re like us, it can be a difficult road, but don’t give up. You’re furry family member is out there!


Have you suffered from pet allergies? How did you handle them? Join us tomorrow for the five things to prepare for bringing puppy home! Until then, her Majesty bids you adieu.

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