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DIY Puppy Toys – 3 DIY Toys to Try

Hey there Furfriends, today I want to give you all some quick ideas for keeping the cost down on pet toys. When we found our daughters new best friend we wanted to get her like a million toys. We went to the nearest pet store and were a little discouraged by the prices. It’s true that you can find some fantastic toys online at very reasonable prices, such as these from PeaceBone. If you’d like to give some extra textures for a teething puppy, or even just have some fun, here are a few DIY dog toys they’ll love.

Picture of Puppy

Toy #1: The Bottle 

The bottle is an idea I had randomly, but after searching the web found that I was certainly not the first. As a matter of fact, there are even tutorials on the web that show how to make a treat trap out of them. I just took some of my daughters old toys that she didn’t like, and threw them into a Gatorade bottle that Clementine had already gotten ahold of. I check to make sure there’s no splits in the bottle before letting her have it each day, just incase, I’d hate for her to hurt her gums. Surprisingly, the sound of the bottle, mixed with the texture of the lid, has made this DIY her favorite toy!

Toy #2: Ice-cubes

Ok, ice cubes don’t really sound like a toy right? Somehow, puppies make everything a toy. I was concerned about ice cubes hurting her teeth, so we found a gas station in town that sells really soft, crushed ice. I’ve also seen that you can freeze bone broth, mix it with some treats or kibble, and it makes an exciting outside treat/toy. I can’t wait to try this, Her Majesty is teething really bad!


Toy #3: Socks with a Twist

Socks are already something every puppy loves, but there’s a safety hazard in letting them chew away. They could choke. When I was a baby I actually did suck a baby sock back into my throat. So I was already cautious when I saw my new puppy searching out socks. The solutions? Make the sock too big to be swollowed! I noticed that everytime someone had a snack the puppy woke up from her nap, just at the sound bags or wrappers made. So I filled what was seemingly her favorite sock with those wrappers, which made the sock super fat and bonus, it makes a fun sound when she chews it! Plus we have, like with the first toy, recycled used items.


If you’ve got a little money to blow, and really feel like spoiling your pet, the PetCube is the way to go. PetCube offers two types of 1080 HD camera cubes. Each of them let you see, and speak to, your pet while away. One of them allows you to shoot treats out as a fun game! The other has a laser to entertain your pet remotely. These two are so neat, but if I had to choose, I’d get the one with the treat shooter. Thankfully I’m able to be home with our new puppy, since we homeschooled our daughter is as well! If I had to work, though, this would be my number one purchase.


What do you all think Furfriends? Are there any DIY toys you’ve used? Leave a comment if you have some awesome ideas!

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