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Organizing Your Pet’s Things

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Hello all my Furfriends, today I have a few tips that have helped with organization. It’s amazing to me that in a matter of minutes the house can be covered in puppy stuff. Toys, stuffed animals, treats, brushes, pillows, and the likes! It can be a little overwhelming, particularly if you’re in a small home or apartment. Here are four tips for keeping up with the clutter in your home.

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Tip #1 – The Basket

A basket of any type, whether its a laundry basket or something more fashionable, is the perfect place for your furfriends fuzzy toys. I plan on finding Clementine something as fashionable as she is, but for now this basket from the DollarTree is what we’re using. It’s a family choir, as we see toys we put them away. Lets be honest, there’s only so many toys puppies can play with at a given time!


Tip #2 – Command Hooks

Along with a basket of toys, we’ve also got a special cabinet devoted to the items we’d rather Clementine doesn’t eat. To keep it more organized I installed command hooks, anything that can be hung up is. That gave me more room for all the treats!


Tip #3 – Bate the Crate

Keep your puppies favorite toys stored in your open crate. When kennel training a puppy every positive angle you can add to your crate helps. If your puppy starts to recognize their favorite toys are always found within their kennel, and that they are able to go in, get them, and come back out, it makes that crate more exciting. This is like a bonus, you get toys out of the way, and help with training!


Tip #4 – Laundry What You Can

Many of our puppies toys are fabric and can be washed, along with the many fuzzy socks she’s become obsessed with, her blanket, pillow, and bed. These items can all be washed, something I would recommend weekly, or every other week at the very least. Not only does this stop your house from getting that musky pet smell, but it helps your pet not to suffer from allergies.


There you are, pet lovers, four tips for keeping your home clean when you have pets. What are some of the ways you keep your home clean?

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